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On-Demand Webinar:

Terror Attacks in Europe - Every Second Matters

Empowering Counter-Terrorism Investigations
with Near Real Time Insights 

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are in a race against the clock to expose the terror networks behind recent attacks in Europe.

Voyager Labs’ AI technology leverages open, deep and dark web data, as well as the agency’s own data, enabling investigators to track down terrorists and their networks in the first critical minutes following an attack.

In this joint webinar, Kirk Arthur, former U.S. Secret Service Agent and Worldwide Public Safety & Justice at Microsoft and David Allouche, Field Analyst from Voyager Labs, discuss about how the latest AI cloud-based technology is empowering the work of law enforcement and intelligence agencies with powerful investigative insights in near real time.

Discover how Voyager Labs’ Platforms can accelerate investigations in several ways:

  • Reveal the attacker’s networks, hidden relationships, and strength of connections

  • Uncover insights about potential threats by analyzing the online discussion, identifying influencers, and understanding sentiments around the topic

  • Identify early warning signs of radicalization to assist in predicting future attacks



Kirk Arthur

Sr. Director, Business Strategy, Microsoft


Nir Tenzer

CBO, Voyager Labs


David Allouche

Pre-Sales Field Analyst, Voyager Labs